Magazine rack

RM 309  3d_basic_buynow.gif
size 640W x 1500H x 390D mm
Model MR 1201

RM 309  3d_basic_buynow.gif 
size 640W x 1200H x 370D mm
Model MR 1208

RM 439 3d_basic_buynow.gif
size 690W x 1230H x 500D mm
 Model MR 1209

RM 270
size 480W x 1080H x 350D mm
 Model MR 11601

RM 259 3d_basic_buynow.gif
size 295W x 1600H x 270D mm
 Model MR 1213

RM 225  3d_basic_buynow.gif
size 480W x 1330H x 370D mm
 Model MR 1212

RM 225
size 690W x 1440H x 400D mm
 Model MR 1211

RM 315
size 310W x 1080H x 350D mm
 Model MR 11602

RM 303 3d_basic_buynow.gif
size 310W x 1350H x 330D mm
 Model MR 11518

RM 399 3d_basic_buynow.gif
size 480W x 1350H x 330D mm
 Model MR 11528



RM 307 3d_basic_buynow.gif
size 60L x 30D x 75H cm
Model D0021

 RM 397 3d_basic_buynow.gif
size 90L x 45D x 77H cm
Model D0022

RM 347 3d_basic_buynow.gif
size 75L x 46D x 77H cm
Model D0023A

RM 547 3d_basic_buynow.gif
size 75L x 46D x 120H cm
Model D0024

RM 620  3d_basic_buynow.gif
size 50L x 50D x 100H cm
Model D0026 

RM 650 3d_basic_buynow.gif
 size 110L x 50D x 75H cm
Model D0027

RM 450 3d_basic_buynow.gif
 size 56L x 50D x 95H cm
Model D0028


1) Direct sales enquiry to
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017-225 2733 Ms Lee or

Wholesale Showroom tel no
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Factory tel no
03-6189 9615 or 03-6189 9616

2) by email or
) by whats app
012-389 2733
017-285 2739
017-336 2987


3d_basic_order.gif   Procedure
1) Online order  via  secured services
Afiah shop  
3)  Walk in order at
KL shop and accept
) Non online order
 and payment procedure

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