Dining Chair
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1) Banquet chair as

RM 69  3d_basic_buynow.gif
 Chrome, model hilton-c

Dining chair

RM 59  3d_basic_buynow.gif
 black epoxy, model Hilton-e

RM 79  3d_basic_buynow.gif
 Copper epoxy, model Hilton-g

  RM 95 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Copper epoxy, model 1182-e

RM 89  3d_basic_buynow.gif
 Chrome, model 1179-c

RM 79  3d_basic_buynow.gif
Black epoxy, model 1179-e

RM 89 3d_basic_buynow.gif
 Copper epoxy, model 1180-e

  RM 95  3d_basic_buynow.gif
 White epoxy, model 1180-w

RM 89  3d_basic_buynow.gif
Chrome, model 1175-c

RM 75  3d_basic_buynow.gif
Black epoxy, model 1175-e

RM 85  3d_basic_buynow.gif
Copper epoxy, model 1175-g

  RM 92  3d_basic_buynow.gif
White epoxy, model 1175-w

RM 89  3d_basic_buynow.gif
 Chrome, model 1185-c

RM 79  3d_basic_buynow.gif
Black epoxy,model 1185-e

   RM 79  3d_basic_buynow.gif
 Grey epoxy, model 1183-e

  RM 79  3d_basic_buynow.gif
 Black epoxy, model 1173-e

RM 159  3d_basic_buynow.gif
 Grey epoxy, model 1190-g

RM 169  3d_basic_buynow.gif
 Grey epoxy, model 1191-e 

RM 129  3d_basic_buynow.gif
 Copper epoxy, model 1201-g

RM 139  3d_basic_buynow.gif
  Copper epoxy, model 1200-g

RM 95  3d_basic_buynow.gif
 Oval steel, chrome,model model 100C

RM 85  3d_basic_buynow.gif
 Oval steel, black epoxy ,model 100E

RM 79  3d_basic_buynow.gif
 Round steel , black epoxy, model 1122

 click here for Chair cover from RM 28

2) Steel frame

RM 89  3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P10

seat made of

RM 853d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P17


   RM 75 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model 553

Water resistant

  RM 110 3d_basic_buynow.gif
odel P11


   RM 45 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model PU 259

RM 89  3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P10-U

RM 155 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P11U

RM 85 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model 551 

RM 1803d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P11UA

RM 135 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P11A

RM 99  3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P10-V

RM 87  3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P10-H

RM 109 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P26

RM 119 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P26-2

RM 119 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P26-pu

RM 85  3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P10-L

RM 85 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model 560-R

RM 85 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model 560-B

RM 85 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model 559


4) Full Polypropylene

 RM 23 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P27 marble color

 RM 28  3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P26 marble color

 RM 29  3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P25

 RM 42  3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P31 marble color

    RM 15 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Model P51 marble color

4) Steel frame with

RM 95 3d_basic_buynow.gif
model CA 61

 Fibreglass seat

RM 105 3d_basic_buynow.gif
model CA 62

RM 99 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Round steel, chrome, model DC178

RM 129 3d_basic_buynow.gif
Round steel, chrome, model DC179

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