Cataloques Prices
This page is suitable for those holding Afiah Cataloques. Please refer to cataloques Vol no and pages for prices.

 Cataloques Vol 8

 with prices









 Page6-mobile stage-p

 Page7-mobile stage-p

 Page8-foldable stage-p

 Page9-foldable stage-p

 Page10-banquet table-p

 Page11-banquet table type1A & 2-p

 Page12-banquet table type 3-p





 Page17-table cover-p

 Page18-Banquet chair-steel-p

 Page19-banquet chair-aluminium-p

 Page20-22 chair cover-p

 Page23-bar stool-p

 Page24-bar stool-p

 page25-low stool-p

 Page26-cocktail table-p

 Page27-cocktail table set-p

 Page 28-29-bench-p

 Page30-computer table-p

 Page31-computer table-p

 Page 32-33-computer table-p

 Page34-printer table-p

Page35-drafing table-p

Page36-library table-p

Page37-study carrel-p

Page 38- lab table

Page39-student table-p

Page40-training table-p

 Page41-training table-p

 Page42-metal bed-p

 Page43-metal shelving-p

 Page44-student chair-p

Page45-multipurpose chair-p


 Page47-lazy susan-p

 Page48-canteen table-p

 Page49-coffee table set

 Cataloques Vol 9

with prices




Page 1- netting chair-p

 Page 2 -netting chair-p

 Page 3- netting chair-p

Page 4-leather chair-p

Page 5-leather chair-p

Page 6 -executive chair-p

Page 7 -executive chair-p

 Page 8-executive chair-p

 Page 9-executive chair-p

 Page 10- clerical chair-p

 Page 11- clerical chair -p

 Page 12-drafting chair-p

 Page 13-drafting chair-p

 Page 14- dental stool-p

 Page 15- dental stool-p

Page 16- multipurpose chair -p


 Page 18-multiple link chair-p

 Page 19-multiple link chair with writing table-p

 Page20-21-office settee-p

 Page22-table-director TP series

 Page23-table TQ series-p

 Page24-table TQ series-p

 Page25-table TQ series-p

 Page26-table TB series-p

 Page27-table TB series-p

Page 28-table TT series-p

  Page 29-table TT series-p

 Page30-table VI series-p

 Page31-table U series-p

 Page 32-table N series-p

 Page 33-table N series-p

 Page34-table W series-p

 Page 35-reception table

Page 36-37-table director-p

 Page 38-39-table with pedestal-p

 Page40-43-table only-p

 Page44-mobile pedestal-p

 Page45-47-cabinet set-p

 Page48-51 cabinet-p

For reseller who wish to download cataloques. Please refer to cataloques Vol no and pages for downloading of cataloques

Cataloques Vol 8

 without price




  Page 1-rostrum

 Page 2-rostrum

 Page 3-rostrum

 Page 4-rostrum

  Page 5-rostrum

Page 6-mobile stage

Page 7-mobile stage

Page 8-foldable stage

Page 9-foldable stage

 Page 10- banquet table type1

 Page 11- banquet table type 1A & 2

 Page 12- banquet table type 3

 Page 13- trolley

 Page14-4 way skirting

 Page15- 3 way skirting

 Page16-round or others skirting

Page17-table cover

Page 18-banquet chair-steel

 Page 19- banquet chair-aluminium

 Page 20 banquet chair cover

Page 21 chair cover- plastic chair

Page 22 chair cover- others

Page 23- bar stool

Page 24- bar stool

Page 25 -low stool

Page 26-cocktail table

Page 27-cocktail table set

Page 28-bench

Page 29-bench

 Page 30 computer table-it

Page 31-computer table

 Page 32-computer table-metal

 Page 33- computer table-metal

Page 34 printer table

Page 35- drafting table

Page 36- library table

Page 37- study carrel

 Page 38- lab table

   Page39- student table

Page 40-training table 

Page 41-training table

Page 42-metal bed

Page 43-steel sheelving

Page 44-student chair

Page 45-multipurpose chair

 Page 46-partition

 Page 47-lazy susan

 Page 48-canteen table

Page 49-coffee table set


Cataloques Vol 9

 without price




 Page 1- netting chair

 Page 2 -netting chair

 Page 3- netting chair

 Page 4-leather chair

 Page 5-chair leather


Page 7-executive chair

Page 8-executive chair

Page 9-executive chair

  Page 10- clerical chair

  Page 11- clerical chair

Page 12-drafting chair

Page 13-drafting chair

Page 14- dental stool

 Page 15- dental stool

 Page 18-multiple link chair

 Page 22 - table TP series

Page 23 - table TQ series

 Page 24 - table TQ series

 Page 25 - table TQ series

 Page 26- table TB series

  Page 27- table TB series

Page 28-table TT series

Page 29-table TT series

Page 30- table VI series

Page 31- table U series

Page 32 - table N series

 Page 33 - table N series



Page 36 table- director

Page 37 table- director

Page 38 table L

Page 39 table L

Page 40 table with pedestal

Page 41 table with pedestal

Page 42-44 table with pedestal




Page 54-55- steel furniture





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